Atlanta Montessori International School (AMIS) provides an international standard of education that fosters knowledge about the cultures and peoples of the world in which we live.  AMIS offers year-round school (Young Children’s Community) and academic calendar year options, serving the needs of children from 8 weeks to 15 years old in Atlanta, Georgia. AMIS offers a young children’s program, a primary program, an elementary program and an adolescent program.


  • Children, families and staff from around the world learn, work and play side by side.
  • Children are a part of a community that encourages exploration of their passions.
  • Children discover mathematics, language, geography, cultural studies and science with beautiful, hands-on materials designed specifically for their developmental needs.
  • Music and the arts are integral parts of learning.
  • Children are expertly guided by certified teachers.
  • Children learn to appreciate nature, and to be stewards of the environment.
  • We celebrate and welcome diversity with multicultural education.
  • We actively promote world peace through virtues education.
  • Our families form lifelong bonds.